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Getting Direct TV Channel Guide from American Satellite

American Satellite is one of the well known DirecTV channels guide retailers in the United States. This company offers various satellite TV packages for the silver screen enthusiasts to enjoy at home or the office by subscribing to the company. The subscribers of the American Satellite as well as the consumers feel like purchasing a particular channel guide for direct TV package form the company can follow the procedures to get a comprehensive direct TV channel guide. All they need to have are an access to the Internet and the Program Guide available in the website list.

Get INSTANT Access to a tester copy of Direct TV Guide

The first thing an individual needs to do is connect the laptop PC or desktop PC to the Internet. Find the American Satellite Web site to get the channel guide for direct TV. Then click the “DIRECTV Programming” option of the menu which you can find on the left side of the laptop screen. There you can see a sub-menu listing with an assortment of alternatives of the basic packages available. Choose the “Programming Overview” and click the option to get the basic information about the American Satellite DirecTV programming.

There are five categories available for the direct TV guide channels
programming offered by American Satellite DirecTV.  The direct TV has the following packages to offer. The base package of American Satellite DirecTV has four basic packages for their programs. The Total Choice Family package offers more than 45 channels that are suitable for both adults and kids as well. Compare to other packages, this package is considered the most reasonably priced package. It is ultimately the best option for families with restricted budgets and young kids. In addition, the Total Choice offers more than 155 channels while the Total Choice Plus with more than 185 channel offers for the package. The Total Choice Premier provides in excess of 250 channels in the package.

Direct TV Guide

On the other hand, the Premium services offers the subscribers of premium packages that enables them to enjoy premium entertainments from several channels such as HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED Starz Super Pack, and SPORTS Pack. The Sports packages are a great option for hardcore enthusiasts in sports. The American Satellite offers an out of the ordinary sports package which is known as SPORTS Pack that brings its subscribers with more than 25 sports channels. In addition, there are also seasonal sports subscriptions offered by American Satellite. The direct TV channel guide list

package includes Barclays English Premier League, MEGA MARCH MADNESS, NBA League Pass, NHL CENTER ICE, ESPN FULL COURT, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, Setanta Sports, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, MLS DIRECT KICK, and ESPN Gameplan. There is also additional programming that delivers services like pay-per-views, HD programs, as well as programs in global languages from direct TV channel guide of the American Satellite.

There are some things to keep in mind when subscribing to the American Satellite for direct TV channel guide. You need to use additional links on the American Satellite Web site to find more details related to each package available. You can also call American Satellite’s toll free number 1-888-999-7331 to talk to the company’s customer service representative. It is also important to look at the direct TV channel guide printable or up dated offers available on the website before subscribing.

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